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Q: We  currently allow retail outlets to display my product as they wish. Should we consider providing a display rack to hold our  products?

A: A display rack can do much more than simply hold your products. When properly designed, it becomes a highly functional part of your total product presentation.

First, it defines an exclusive area for your product within the retail environment, consolidating the product for focal emphasis. Display color and signage can be customized to coordinate with product packaging to increase consumer recognition of your product.

In addition, the rack can become a vehicle for conveying information on the product and its usage. Pictures and diagrams can be incorporated into signs on the rack to show how the product is used, to suggest applications for the product, or to illustrate product benefits.


For customers who are marketing a new or existing retail product, we offer the following suggestions:

Increase initial orders with a display. Include a display, at cost or for free, if the customer buys a given amount of product (frequently an introductory pre-pack). This ensures that your product gets enough exposure to sell and create re-orders.

Get the best location with a display. Instead of having your products swallowed up on a pegboard wall, you can use a rack to put them together in the planogram YOU want, whether on pegboard, on a shelf or on the counter.

Exclusivity. With a display, as the product sells down, it will be replaced with YOUR product because your product fits the display.

Combination sales. If you are selling related products or products that sell each other, putting them together on a display can greatly increase natural "add-on" sales and profits.


Q: Wouldn't a custom display rack be too expensive? Isn't there a standard rack that could easily meet our needs?

A: Wideny Display might have an existing rack that could meet your needs, but don't rule out a custom rack just yet.

We at Wideny Display frequently get inquiries about stock display racks. Many callers, thinking that they can't afford a custom display, ask if there is an existing rack that will fit their product. We often tell them that they may actually be better off with a custom display. Many customers are unaware that, with standard racks, they may be paying for more material and operations than they need. The fact is, in quantities of 100 or more, custom displays are very cost-effective and are often less costly than standard racks not fitted to your products.

Custom displays offer several advantages over standard racks. First, the display is designed to enhance your product presentation in a unique manner. Sizing, configuration, color and signage are matched to your product to gain attention and also to discourage other products from being presented on your display. Wideny utilizes hundreds of display concepts gained from many years of design and production experience to rapidly develop a unique and affordable solution.

Our displays are based on the specific product's size, weight and packaging configuration, as well as the number of pieces to be displayed and the direction in which they should face. We are able to support the customer's requirements or offer advice for floor, counter and wall displays in either fixed or spinner configurations. We will design either single-piece or knock-down units to accommodate shipping and storage considerations. We pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround time, from display requirements to prototype approval to production.

Since Wideny has developed so many displays, guiding the customer through what seems to be a myriad of decisions can actually be painless and enjoyable. Chances are that the concept and design components are already at hand and need only to be combined to achieve the desired display. This allows Wideny Display to meet a wide variety of customer needs.


Q: Can we order just a few displays? What is your minimum order?

A: Wideny Display's minimum order is currently 100 units.