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COMPANY which can be called ;as A successful business must have been formed or are forming a "three happiness" culture:

"customer happy,employees happy ,shareholders happy." In this "three happiness", the client feel

happy because the staff provide with products in goodquality and personalized service ; shareholders

feel happy because employees can fully meet customer needs and create sustainable and stable

profits and good reputation .

Happiness makes people full with great creativity and initiative, thus "Make the staff happy to work" is the key to successful

management of an enterprise.


The key to enterprise development is to rely on Knowledgeable, skilled and efficient people ! Learning faster than the competitor , more profound and updated knowledge are the only sustainable advantage. "learning" is to continue to "innovation." And thus creating a learningoriented enterprises, encourage employees to continue to learn and update knowledge structure,to maximize their intellectual and potential strategies for sustainable development of enterprises is an importantaspect, We learn through the international;advancedenterprises, learning from competitors,then .establish a learning organization



Unity and progress is the basic of corporate culture. In the 21st century, the power from rapid economic development for all the oppression became increasingly obvious that a company can

no longer rely solely on individual ability or a particular policy to be able to survive, however a strong team is the basis of survival.